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Published 24 August, 2013 | by Shane Henry


Console Exclusivity – Does it Really Matter??

With The Wonderful 101 about to be released, there has been a lot of discussion over the internet over the fact that if the game was to come out on other current gen consoles, it would make the game more well known and increase it’s sales. Though I think that many people’s opinions are twisted in a weird way. These days, I feel that people have a LOT of choice, and with this generation of consoles achieving near parity on multi-platform releases at the latter end of their life-cycles, the options for good games to reach many people is the best it has ever been. Sometimes though, consoles needs exclusive titles to set itself apart from the rest.

The Wii U has had a really jaded start, but I have every faith that the console will succeed in it’s own way over the next few years. Though while I do agree that multi-platform is good to get more gamers to play your game, I am more concerned about the experience that goes with it on that particular console, and sometimes, it can help a console’s identity in the market.

For example, Rayman Legends which was delayed by 6-7 months to coincide with multi-platform releases rubbed me the wrong way. The touchscreen features and asymmetric gameplay stood the game apart, offering a legitimately different experience, and will almost certainly be lost in the transition to the other consoles with the vision it had before. While I do think that broadening the game to other markets is a sound business idea, why delay the game for that sole reason??


After playing the Wii U demo, there is no better way to play Rayman Legends on a home console.

The Wonderful 101 is another example. Using the gamepad which is (in some ways) integral to the experience, would be somewhat lost in translation to other consoles because it was made with the Wii U in mind. Many people also complained about the lack of new IP Nintendo has, and now that there is one, people are throwing their toys out of the pram, saying that it won't sell, JUST BECAUSE it's on the Wii U. Look at the other Platinum releases over the last few years. Do you think that it would make much of a difference multi-platform?? I don't think so. People are also forgetting that Bayonetta 2 is a Nintendo exclusive, which was risen from the grave. I would rather have Bayonetta 2 in some form rather than nothing at all.

You wouldn’t see many people complain that Gears Of War is only on Xbox, or The Last of Us is only on PS3, so when I see good games appear on the Wii U, why do people automatically judge that its doomed to fail based on the console it’s on, and that it would work out if that game went multi-platform?? It doesn’t guarantee anything.


No chance of going to the dark side(s)…lol

We are living in times where we have to make a decision on what console to buy, simply because of money issues. Not everyone has the money in the world. In my opinion, if you want games based on your preference, needs and tastes, buy the console which most suit them. Or buy all of them like I have, and you have the best of ALL worlds.
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Shane Henry

Shane Henry

A sound mind when it comes to past and current gaming trends, with an eye on everything gaming related.

Shane Henry

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Shane Henry

A sound mind when it comes to past and current gaming trends, with an eye on everything gaming related.

3 Responses to Console Exclusivity – Does it Really Matter??

  1. Tweedie Tweedie says:

    Nice Shane, good points.

  2. Exposed says:

    “We are living in times where we have to make a decision on what console to buy, simply because of money issues.” – WRONG. Some people actually like to strive to act with symbolic principle. I’d prefer not to get two consoles. Two consoles would make more sense if there was more than 24 hours in a day. Two consoles is great for casual gamers. They can dabble and dink in game after game. But us hardcore gamers devote their time into a select couple of games to ultimately try to rise up to the highest levels of the competition.

    • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

      WRONG. I think a majority of people would rather have all consoles if it were not for money. ‘Hardcore gamers’ would obviously like to play every game out there that is their type, regardless of what console it is on.

      Thanks for leaving a comment on the site btw :)

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