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Published 15 October, 2013 | by Sam Hewitt


Kingdom Hearts 3: My thoughts on the new D23 gameplay footage

Earlier today, Square Enix showed off some new gamplay footage on the eagerly awaited Kingdom Hearts 3 at Disney’s D32 expo in Japan.  After the release of the footage, I started looking around forums and websites to see what other people thought of it. From what I saw, more people were happy about it than not. A majority of those who were not impressed were saying things along the lines of “this is not next gen“, “they should have just released it on current-gen consoles” and “well…that was disappointing.” Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, so here is mine.

What I saw of that footage has made me even more excited for the game. I didn’t want it to have insane graphics…it was pretty much exactly how I wanted to be: Clean, running smooth and loads going on on the screen at one time. Kingdom Hearts game is all about depth and content. In this day and age, with development costs and how long it actually takes to make a game you very rarely get both, especially in JRPG’s. I am a huge fan of JRPG’s but I have been let down by them this gen.

To be honest, I thought the last two parts of that trailer looked pretty boring….I am judging the footage on the first section where you see Sora battling against the heartless with his keyblade, as this is what you will be doing for the majority of the game. It was only a split second but did you see those keyguns? Or whatever you want to call them! The fire looks stunning, especially with the addition of all the little particles.


The main reason the latter part of the footage was shown off is because the D23 expo is all about Disneyland theme parks. Hence the train being called ‘Big Magic Mountain’ and the pirate ship section is pretty self explanatory.

I am not saying that it looks perfect. The backgrounds look a bit plain, though I fully expect that to be better by the time the game is released. Even if it is not, it wouldn’t take anything away from the gameplay anyway. One thing I really hope they do in this game is add tons to do in the Battle Coliseum, as well as online co-op (in the coliseum) and just maybe being able to battle against each other as well! Or I am asking for too much? Well anyways, that’s my thoughts on the trailer anyways.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is to be released on both the Xbox One and Playstation 4, with no release date confirmed as of yet. Though, it would not surprise me if the game is not released before 2016.

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Sam Hewitt

Sam Hewitt

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Been playing games since I was big enough to pickup the controller. A proud father and the founder of Also the founder of We love you West Ham

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Sam Hewitt

Been playing games since I was big enough to pickup the controller. A proud father and the founder of Also the founder of We love you West Ham

4 Responses to Kingdom Hearts 3: My thoughts on the new D23 gameplay footage

  1. BlueOddyssey says:

    Enjoyable article but I disagree with some parts:

    1) Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 had very good graphics for their time and didn’t look like PS1 games. Kingdom Hearts has always had good graphics for the machines they’re running on.

    2) The game play looks exactly like Kingdom Hearts 2 especially the first segment of the trailer. Only the fire effects really stand out and even those can be done on the PS3/360 if u ask me

    • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

      Thanks for leaving a comment on the site :)

      Yeah, Kingdom Hearts 3 had good graphics at the time but what more can you add to it for it to maintain that Kingdom Hearts look and feel? The buildings and backgrounds could do with a bit of touching up and stuff…but I thought the actual combat looked really nice and clean.

      I just don’t want them to concentrate too much on the graphics. For me, Kingdom Hearts was always about depth and you just very rarely get that with games that are graphical driven.

      I have a feeling the game is going to be HUGE, with tons to do. Hopefully we will have a battle against 10,000 heartless. These are areas where the dip in graphics get made up by.

      • BlueOddyssey says:

        No problem great site by the way. =)

        I agree they shouldn’t concentrate too much on graphics but if you look at the E3 Trailer that’s the graphics quality they should of aimed for IMO. You know the part where kid Sora goes from CGI to real time seamlessly? The natural soft look and the movement of his hair and clothes look incredible…..

        Unfortunately I wasn’t too impressed with the game play either. Animations don’t look as fluid and soft as they should be for a ps4 level game and the actual combat (I understand it’s early) don’t look nearly as interesting and flashy as KH DDD. It’s a little too much like KH2 thus it looks kind of dated to me.

        The fire effects were nice though…..

        • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

          Thanks for the compliment on the site. Still a hell of a long way to go!

          I know what you mean by the gameplay. It didn’t exactly set the world alight BUT you know we can trust them to make it outstanding. I cannot see Nomura allowing anything but pretty much perfection in this game. He must have learnt a hell of a lot about developing on next-gen consoles….i mean just look at FFXV!

          God knows how long it will be before we see another gameplay footage of the game (E3 2014?) but i bet the gameplay in it will look a lot more fluid and engaging.

          I am so hyped up for the game. Pretty much throughout this entire generation of games I was let down by titles that I built up hype for (I.E. FFXIII, Star Ocean 4 and Blue Dragon) and I actually have some concerns on the gameplay of FFXV, but I have absolutely no worries about KH3.

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