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Published 20 December, 2013 | by Sam Hewitt


Looking back #01: Streets of Rage 2

What is there not to like about this classic side-scrolling fighter? It has everything! Memorable characters, compelling boss-fights, a great set of enemies, a system that was one step above every other game of the genre, and this was all topped off with the musical prowess of Yuzo Koshiro. It has been over 20 years since the game graced our television screens and it still feels as good as it did back then.

Streets of Rage 2 is a game I still regularly play today. To get the most out of the game, you play with a friend as SoR2 allows you to jump in and have fun straight off the bat.. When playing co-op, friends would normally tussle over who gets to use Axel and the loser would normally then proceed to either choose Blaze or Skate….sorry Max, even though you did have by far the most powerful move in the game, you don’t get as much love as your companions.

The first stage loads up and and then you would both race over the lamppost on the left hand of the screen and pick up the hidden 1up. The harmonies of Yuzo Koshiro begins, and you cannot help but get drawn in.

Not only was the main story section of the game a load of fun, the game featured a VS mode which was a lot of fun on its own. The game provides you with plenty of content for your money.

There was a sequel to Streets of Rage 2, but it seemed to lack the charm of its predecessor. Also, make sure to look on your preferred search engine for a fanmade project called ‘Streets of Rage remake.’  Also, Sega should pull their finger out and crack on with a Streets of Rage 4, and keep it a side-scroller!

Were you a big fan of Streets of Rage 2? Or maybe did you not like it? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Sam Hewitt

Sam Hewitt

Level Complete founder

Been playing games since I was big enough to pickup the controller. A proud father and the founder of LevelComplete.net. Also the founder of We love you West Ham

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Sam Hewitt

Been playing games since I was big enough to pickup the controller. A proud father and the founder of LevelComplete.net. Also the founder of We love you West Ham

9 Responses to Looking back #01: Streets of Rage 2

  1. Adrian Burton says:

    Although SoR started as a Final Fight clone in many respects, it really stood out on it’s own as a series thanks to it’s soundtrack, visual design, and gameplay! SoR2 is definitely the standout in the series, but I still hold it’s grittier predecessor in high regard

    • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

      Whenever I am in the mood for a side-scrolling beat ‘em up, ninety-nine times out of a hundred, I will put on Streets of Rage 2. Absolute classic. SoR1 most definitely built the foundations, and had Adam as a playable character!

      • Andrew Monkeymagic Winter Andrew Monkeymagic Winter says:

        I miss Adam…Skate was fun but had Adam been an official character in Streets of Rage 2 he an Axel would have torn the place up! (I know about SoR2 remake hence why I said “official”)

  2. Rashid Richardson says:

    All these years and I didn’t even know there is a hidden 1up!! O_O

  3. shaneyS2K shaneyS2K says:

    This soundtrack + a subwoofer = FEELS

  4. slow_moon says:

    Something about SoR2, of course I’ll post a comment :)

    SoR2′s music is incredible(also, I play as Max these days. He’s so strong and, using fwd,fwd,B to slide means his walking speed is not as much of a problem!) but when I’m not playing with a mate I’ll almost always play the first one. It’s shorter and more difficult.

    For me, side-scrolling beat’em ups are pretty boring so the only ones I play are SoR and SoR2 because of the music, and I don’t enjoy Final Fight, AvP, etc.

    Props for mentioning SoR Remake. It’s a masterpiece.

    • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

      I agree with you with the side-scrolling beat ‘em ups. There are not very many good ones, but when they are done right….they are very GOOD!

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