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Published 8 August, 2013 | by Sam Hewitt


My top 5 issues with the Nintendo 3DS

Don’t let the title fool you. I am very much in love with Nintendo’s latest handheld device, but as with everything – there is always room for improvement. Below are my top 5 issues with the Nintendo 3DS. Please note that these opinions are my own and not those of Level Complete.

#5 – Lack of social interaction

It puzzles me how Nintendo have not released any kind of software that utilizes the microphone and/or the camera that is built into the device. It would be nice to have an option of playing a game whilst talking to a friend. You are extremely limited to what you are able to do with those on your friends list.

#4 – Dodgy volume slider

I can only speak on behalf of the 3DS XL as I have never owned its miniature brother. There are times where I am laying down in bed at night, playing with the volume off and the slightest hand movement can suddenly slide the volume up. This tends to shock my other half, who is likely to be  in the middle of a dream involving me, her and the little one skipping through a field of flowers, to then be suddenly awoken by Hershel Layton shouting out “How about this? Puzzles are meant to be solved!”

They should have just had the little buttons that adjusts your volume…..like the ones on the PSP Vita, iPad, Google Nexus and most other devices.

#3 – Lack of security on your digitally downloaded games

If you completely lose your 3DS or have it stolen, you lose all your digitally downloaded games. The following quote was taken from a Nintendo representative replying to an email asking about this very topic.

“All virtual content downloaded on the Nintendo 3DS is tied to the system itself. As our warranty doesn’t cover lost or stolen game cards and systems, if this were to happen regardless of your games being virtual or you owning the physical copies, they would not be covered for replacement.”

At this moment in time, I don’t have many digitally downloaded games so it is not THAT much of an issue to me…but it still annoys me that how Nintendo think it is fair to overlook this issue. It can’t be hard for such a huge company to implement a way to link the games to an account rather than a unique console.

Estore card

Daylight robbery!

#2 – Nintendo eStore is ridiculously expensive

This point is pretty much a followup of the last one. At the time of writing this article I can pick up Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask  from Amazon for £20. If I wanted to purchase it via the eShop I would have to fork out £39.99! That is an absurd price difference. It is easy to find every retail game for a lot cheaper than they sell it in eShop. Obviously this sort of issue is not unique to Nintendo as Microsoft and Sony do it as well, but SHOULD your console go missing, you are able to recover your games. Sort it out Reggie!

#1 – Tight 3D sweetspot

Upon purchasing the 3DS, I knew the viewing angle would be limited. But not to this extent! I want to get the most out of my console. This means I like to play my games with the 3D slider set to full. Sadly, this rarely happens because the only way you can get it to work is to pretty much turn into a statue from the shoulder up. Move your head a couple of centimeters to either side and the screen goes blurry. I tend to give up and turn the 3D slider down, or off altogether.

These have been my top 5 issues with the 3DS. Do you have any of your own? If so, please leave a comment below. 

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Sam Hewitt

Sam Hewitt

Level Complete founder

Been playing games since I was big enough to pickup the controller. A proud father and the founder of LevelComplete.net. Also the founder of We love you West Ham

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Sam Hewitt

Been playing games since I was big enough to pickup the controller. A proud father and the founder of LevelComplete.net. Also the founder of We love you West Ham

3 Responses to My top 5 issues with the Nintendo 3DS

  1. Michael P says:

    Only £49.99 lol. I love the 3DS but the digital prices are insane. SNES games at £1 a pop and I’m buying a ton of them. Current prices = zero sales to me. My main issue wit the 3DS is when I close the thing to put it in standby the battery seems to die, on average, in 24 hours. The Vita can sit there not being played for a week quite happily.

    • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

      Yeah, I 100% agree. I would get a lot more Virtual Console titles if they were not overpriced. I just don’t think Nintendo are able to justify it with the whole ‘losing your digital games if you lose your console’ problem. Do you agree with the 3D sweetspot, or is that just me?

      • Michael P says:

        It’s a little annoying but I can forgive them because no glasses are needed. I’ve got used to holding it at the needed angle so it doesn’t cause me many problems. The only time it’s a pain is when I’m playing and watching TV at the same time so I normally turn 3D down or off on those occasions. My only real problem with the 3D is those damn text boxes on Monster Hunter but they aren’t much easier to decipher in 2D either!

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