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Published 24 October, 2013 | by Sam Hewitt


PS4 or Xbox One? That is the question

At this very moment in time, I still have no idea which of the two consoles I am going to be getting. One thing I do know for certain, is that I will not be getting one of them till at least a few months after their release date. The whole point of this article is for me to go through a thorough thinking process, to see if I can come up with a better idea as to which console I am going to get. Maybe I will have made up my mind by the end of the article… or I could still be none the wiser.

Pretty much all of the announced games I am interested in are on both consoles, and I don’t really care which one has more power, as I tend not to care if you are able to see if you’re able to see the cracks in someone’s lips CAUSE OF L337 GFX! I care which one of the consoles will suit myself and my family the most.

I am going to split my thoughts process up into categories and then go from there.


At this moment in time, there are no games coming out on either of the systems launch day that screams out “day one purchase” to me. So I am going to use an ulterior method to see what games I would like: look at an overview of their predecessor console’s games.

I never owned a PS3 at all. This was mainly due to most of my close friends owning an Xbox 360, so it was natural for me to follow suit. Do I regret making that choice? No. Me and my friends have had some fantastic times on Xbox Live. On more than one occasion I have been brought to tears from laughing so much. But most of the time, I played single player games.

At one stage, I had a really long break from my Xbox 360. I hardly played any games on it over the course of a couple of years, as my gaming needs were more than satisfied by the Nintendo DS. I would just lay in bed at night and spend many hours playing games like Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton and Ghost Trick.

Not too long before coming up with the idea to start this website, I went back to my Xbox 360 and thought to myself “there must be tons of games for me to play now.” Sadly, this was not the case. The only game I have purchased since is GTA V, and looking back through the last couple of years releases, there is nothing that I REALLY WANTED to play. I am thinking about getting Metal Gear Rising as it has caught my attention, but is not a priority.

Metal Gear Rising

You just don’t f*** with Raiden. Simple as that!

I will now compare that to the likes of exclusive games* that came out for the PS3, and yes I am actually doing this whilst writing the article. These are the following PS3 retail games that I would have purchased over the course of the last two years (in relation to my 2 year break from the 360):

  • Disgaea D2
  • The Last of us
  • Kingdom Hears 1.5 HD Remix
  • Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection
  • Tales of Xillia
  • Ni No Kuni (I know it isn’t an exclusive, however the DS version was never translated)

The titles above are just the ones that I know of. There are potentially more games that would have added to that list had I owned a PS3, as I would have been able to play demos and such.

Looking back at my time with the Xbox 360, there hasn’t really been that many Xbox 360 games that was never released for the PS3 that stood out to me. Let me think:

  • Splosion man
  • Geometry Wars 1/2
  • Crackdown 1
  • Halo 3 (Only because of playing online with my mates. Didn’t care about single player)
  • Erm…..that’s about it really!

I then think back to the other games that were not on the 360 but on the PS3. We have all of the Uncharted Drake games, Metal Gear Solid 4, Heavy Rain, Infamous and so on. I also felt that the choice of JRPG’s on the 360 were extremely poor, and as a fan of the genre, it seems to me that the PS3 was more catered for the JRPG fan. We then have to into consideration how amazing Playstation+ has been since it came out: tons of top quali8ty free games and more.

This game just looks stunning!

Taking a look at all of what I have written above, I quite regret not getting a PS3 as well as a 360. But there is potentially a huge upside! Should I decide to purchase a PS4, I will have the chance to play all of these games via Gaikai.

The Controller

Fugly mofo!

One of the prime reasons for me not getting a PS3 is due to its controller. Whenever I played on someones PS3, the controller felt, crap. Sorry PS3 fans, that is just my personal opinion. The Xbox 360 controller was the one for me. I know a lot of people have issues with the size of it, but it was perfect for me from the off. I thought it was a controller that would never be bested, although I was proven wrong at Eurogamer last month, where I was able to get hands-on with the Xbox One.

I honestly couldn’t believe they were able to make the controller feel better in every way. Though here was something off with the pulse triggers, but I am sure that was down to the Forza 5 demo I played not utilising them properly.

I then had a chance to have a feel of the PS4 controller and I still didn’t like it, neither cosmetically or physically. Of course this is something I would adapt to after using it for a prolonged time, however, it will never feel as comfortable as the Xbox One controller.

Graphics and power



Both have more than enough power for me. I don’t care  if one console has a game running at 1080p, while the other runs at 720p. It is all meaningless to me. Moving onto the next subject

Best for the family

As I said in the second paragraph of this article, the console of my choosing will have to also suit my family life, as the console will be housed in our living room. I have a 4-year-old son and my partner doesn’t like many games, though when she does like a game….she really gets into it…Peggle for example.

We don’t have a cable tv service, as it tends to go to waste as we very rarely watch tv. I have (legally) downloaded the shows that my son watches, though he tends to spend more time watching Angry Birds Toons on our Roku box, which we use to stream all of our media. Both consoles are concentrating heavily on the media side of things. Hopefully one of them bring Plex, or something similar.

Time for FAMILY FUN!!!!

Now moving onto games for my son. I have really been struggling to find a game that both me and my son are able to play together on the Xbox 360. I am contemplating whether or not to repurchase a Wii. I WILL get a Wii U at some point in the near future, as I feel it is the perfect companion to either the Xbox One or PS4.

Getting back onto talking about my son. He struggles a bit with the Kinect by moving out of its range when excited and having to do weird commands to walk…instead of simply walking on a spot or something. Like many other kids, he got bored it quickly. I think this is due to developers being reluctant to making games for it. I have a feeling with every Xbox One coming with a Kinect 2.0, we will see a lot more games made for it. BUT, by then he might not have no interest in the Kinect at all!


Writing this article made me realise just how many PS3 games I missed. I was honestly not expecting that many. Games are obviously the most important factor when it comes to choosing a console. In this right, the PS4 is the obvious winner. But I am still reluctant to buying a console at launch day as there are no games for me at launch, and it won’t be that long till there is a price drop. I also have a feeling that a lot of stuff is going to come out that is not in the public eye already…for better and for worse.

Though saying that. the current answer to the question: PS4 or Xbox One? I am slightly pro PS4. Given that I believe more games that I like to play will be on it and I would obviously get used to the controller. I am likely to make more articles like this later down the line, once both consoles are out. Thanks for reading :)

Answers to potential questions being asked

Why not get both? 

I simply cannot afford to get both. Also, both consoles are so similar it is just not worth it.

Why is the Wii U the perfect companion?

There are so many games that I want to play on the Wii U that are either out already or coming out soon. It is also the perfect console for me and my son, who I feel will prefer the Wii Mote over the Kinect.

Why don’t you care about owning the console with superior power or graphics?

Both consoles will do more than enough for me graphical wise. When it comes to power, I would rather have tons happening on the screen at one time over the characters looking so amazing you couldn’t tell the difference between real life and in-game. You then have games like Child of Light, which neither to PS3 or Xbox 360 will be able to handle. I would like to see more games like this.

I don’t care if a game runs marginally better on one console than the other. As for gameplay. I had my best gameplay experiences with two Xbox Live arcade titles, both of which had basic graphics and all gameplay: Geometry Wars and ‘Splosion man.

The Xbox 360 did have JRPG’s. What are you on about YOU PILLOCK!?!

It did have a few. But I felt most of them were crap, to put it bluntly. Blue Dragon was boring. Lost Odyssey always felt like it was missing something crucial, then you have the rest……meh. The only two that was on the 360 but not PS3 were The Last Remnant (click to see my article on the game) and Infinite Undiscovery. But still, both of those games were sub-par to the likes of what come out on the PS2. Which I still go back to till today to quench my hunger for JRPG’s.

 * Games were exclusive at time of publishing.

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Sam Hewitt

Sam Hewitt

Level Complete founder

Been playing games since I was big enough to pickup the controller. A proud father and the founder of Also the founder of We love you West Ham

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Sam Hewitt

Been playing games since I was big enough to pickup the controller. A proud father and the founder of Also the founder of We love you West Ham

35 Responses to PS4 or Xbox One? That is the question

  1. SHU says:

    A Ri Ga TOuu

    • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

      Don’t care about which country it is made in. Plus, I am not from America anyway…I am from England. So that ‘betrayal’ is not valid. Thanks for leaving a comment anyway :)

      • Slay says:

        England? Well… then your posts are irrelevant. Nothing intuitive comes out of the country. You said you don’t care about which country it is made from. You and your people don’t care about a lot of things, to be honest. Like being beneficial, brushing your teeth, personal hygiene, or speaking in proper English. All you guys care about is tea and crumpets. Refrain from posting, lucky charms.

      • Darrius says:

        I must admit, an American telling an Englishmen that not just he, but all his people,… all his ENGLISH people,… don’t speak in proper English is just funny.

        It is probably the most blatant, most direct, and best trolling that I have ever seen, but still funny, nonetheless. And I’m an American

        • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

          Same here. I also thought it was hilarous. Before running this website, I used to run a football (soccer) website and used to get loads of stick from opposition supporters. So I just take it all with a grain of salt. Though saying that, the main purpose of this article is to encourage a mature debate.

          I can’t be bothered with trolling on that level. The person then proceeded to be racist to another commenter and that was the nail in the coffin.

  2. spideynut71 says:

    It’s not a question at all, if you have a job, and love games.

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  4. Slay says:

    The title should be “xbox one or xbox one?” Nobody with a normal functioning brain would touch the less powerful system, that is called the ps4. Xbox is coming to slay all of your favorites… and it’s going to slay hard.

    • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

      Huh? It is quite simple to tell that the PS4 is more powerful when it comes to statistics. As I said in the article, I don’t really care that much about that stuff. Very strange…..

      • Slay says:

        You don’t care, but you proceeded to reply anyways. I like your logic.

        • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

          I don’t care about power, but I care about what people write on my article. Try again, troll.

          • Slay says:

            Why are you insecure with what people write? Here is a thought. Maybe it is time for you to get a real career instead of sitting on your voluminous ass all policing the net on some obscure internet site. You don’t even have a job that is beneficial to society in anyway. Become a doctor,lawyer, or even a vet and then you can talk, Chav.

          • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

            So you continue to speak non-facts? How do you know what my job is? You think this website is my full-time job? Wrong! I sit on my arse all day? Wrong! I don’t do anything beneficial to society? Wrong! You don’t know the first thing about me, so please stick to facts.

            I can handle a couple of troll posts but you are not inclined to induce a mature debate whatsoever! Please refrain from continuing to troll and lets have a MATURE debate. If not, I will start deleting your comments.

          • Slay says:

            Lol, a debate? It’s not even up for debate. I’m completely right. Hell, it’s my motto I live by, and I havn’t been wrong once. I am acting completely mature. Some people just don’t like honesty, I guess. Doesn’t make me wrong, it just makes you insecure. Another fact is that you are obsolete, just like your country.

  5. Trioptical says:

    The comments here thus far are hilarious, though sad reminders of what the internet is like most of the time.
    My hope for you is that they go ahead and formalize that DualShock 4 support for the PS3, so you can play those PS3 games you missed out on without using a sub-par, squishy controller. Either that or have them announce really generous PS3 streaming plans for the PS4 in the very near future.
    What do you think about indies in the next gen?

    • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

      Hi Trioptical. While I would find those comments funny on certain websites, we at Level Complete want to encourage mature debates. I have no interest in ‘fanboy’ wars. So I just ended up deleting those comments for the sake of the conversation.

      As for Indies. I am very interested in it. As I said in the article, two of the best games I liked on my 360 is Geometry Wars and ‘Splosion Man. Fair enough they ain’t exactly Indie games, but they are along the same lines in terms of gameplay. It seems both consoles are pretty serious about getting Indie games on their platforms, so good all round I say.

  6. jb223 says:

    Very well thought out piece. If I were in your situation, as a predominantly single player gamer w/ a family to think about who has also already cut his cable cords, the PS4 seems like the obvious choice. Look at the launch lineup, you are like me, waiting for something more compelling to come along, then I can play catch up. That said, the One doesn’t really have any family-friendly titles ready for launch, whereas the ps4 has Knack, along w/ numerous family friendly indie titles like octodad. My ps3 has been perfect for me, i’ve never ventured into mp gaming as couch co op has been the only version to ever appeal to me. Meanwhile, Sony has spent this gen growing and perfecting a wide line of games and new ip from well proven first party studios. Microsoft seem to be ready to set down that path as well this gen, but these studios won’t be tried and tested in the manner that Sony’s studios have been, so they will still remain behind the curve when it comes to compelling ip’s and exclusive developers. Meanwhile, the only really different features that Xbox has going for it in the family department are the cable ones (inapplicable to you) and the kinect, which at this point will prove itself by being integrated into hardcore games and will most likely not be used in the same capacity it was last gen, as a family oriented piece of kit. Ultimately your decision should come down to history, Xbox is a great console for those that love multiplayer gaming, Playstation is a console with a better rounded focus on all genres for all ages, as well as being hands down the best single player console in the current gen

    • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

      Excellent comment. Thanks for the kinds words there. As I said in the comment…nothing is set in stone as of yet, but it is the PS4 at the moment. You never know though! Things can change at any given time!

      • jb223 says:

        That is certainly true, that’s why I never understood rushing out to buy a console on launch day, at this point either console could do a complete heel turn or they could switch places entirely…I’m looking to pick one up next year during the holidays or late summer at the earliest, then we should have all of the reviews, any issues will be highlighted or fixed, and any number of potentially great titles will be announced

        • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

          Exactly! The first couple of batches seemed to be the ones with the most issues with the PS3 and Xbox 360….every chance it will happen again. I am not in any rush at all.

  7. Darrius says:

    I severely disagree with you on the PS3 controller. I am pleased to hear that you didn’t like the PS4 controller. I was beginning to be afraid that they messed it up.

    It is understandable though because you never had a PS3. I had an Xbox, Xbox 360, and PS1, PS2, and PS3. I like the PS3 controller, miles better than the 360 controller.

    It’s mostly all about muscle memory. You are accustomed to the transposed thumbstick on the left hand. I don’t have a problem with the thumbstick in either position.

    The D-pad on the other hand is not about simple muscle memory, it’s just plain imprecise on the 360. The PS3 controller is galaxies better for any game that relies on the d-pad. If you are a fighter like me, then that is a significant amount of your gaming time.

    • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

      I was a very heavy user of both the PS1 and PS2, so you would think it would be natural for me to be okay with the ps3 controller. As I said in the article, I still use my PS2 till today and find it okay. There is just something I don’t like about the DS3.

      I do agree with you on the d-pad on the Xbox 360…it is horrible! But you say your are a fighter, I would have thought an arcade stick would have been the most preferable for those games (I actually own a Street Fighter 4 stick)

      Even if I do end up with a PS4, I am confident I will adapt to it quickly enough anyways.

  8. Axe99 says:

    Some thoughts:

    - You’re probably just locked into habit with the 360 controller. I got a 360 after doing most of this gens gaming on a PS3, and the 360 controller felt rough as guts, huge deadzone, large and clumsy, and far too much weight in the sticks. Except (beyond the d-pad) it was fine, I just had to get used to it. both next-gen controllers look really good – if you’re willing to take the time to learn them, then you’ll be fine.

    - If you really want to get PS3 games, a cheaper option might be to get a PS3 ;). It’s been my main gaming platform (supplemented by PC and 360) this gen, and hasn’t let me down. For single-player gaming, the Sony exclusives tip it over the edge as having the best selection of quality experiences.

    - You can get the Metal Gear Solid HD Legacy Collection on 360 as well I think – don’t just stand there, grab it and play it, it’s great :).

    - If you want next-gen, and are mainly single-player, then PS4 is likely to be the better choice, the combination of strong indie support (yes, XB1 is catching up, but if you’re talking about indie games now, there’s a clear frontrunner) and the output of Sony’s first-party studios put it ahead comfortably.

    - If you must have Titanfall at launch, it’s XB1 standing on its head. This is the game that’s selling the XB1 (while people talk up Forza, Ryse and Dead Rising 3, combined they only have slightly more pre-orders than Killzone: Shadowfall has on its lonesome).

    - If MP is important to you, obviously talk to your mates and decide on something together.

    - You’re not going to lose – both consoles look great. Sure, one will be better than another, depending on the type of gamer you are, but you’d have to be a pretty narrow-minded gamer not to enjoy either – so good news is whichever way you swing, you’ll have a good time :).

    • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

      Thanks for the kind words the Axe. Some really nice points you have raised there. I do suppose getting a ps3 is a viable option. Though it is likely I will end up with a PS4 anyway. I will have to see what the pricing plan will be like with Gaikai….if they charge silly money for PS3 games then that could cause a major dent.

      As for the PS4 controller. I can imagine myself getting used to it quite quickly, although I cannot see myself ever prefering it over the Xbox 360/One. BUT the most important factor is the games….and I really can see Playstation 4 continuing on from the PS3. I love games like Disgaea. I also want to play all of the Naughty Dog games (a PS4 Naughty Dog Gaikai collection maybe?) as well as the others stated above.

      Titanfall looks appealing, but it is not a MUST HAVE game for me. There has only been a few games that has been announced so far that full under the ‘must have’ category, and they are all on both platforms: FFXV, Kingdom Hearts 3, Mirrors Edge 2 and Child of Eden.

      Multiplayer is not exactly THAT important to me. It seems my friends will be spread over both systems anyway. It is the single player and games that will be more suited for my son…who will most likely be 5-years-old by the time I get a console.

  9. Bob says:

    I had already made up my mind ever since both my early Xbox consoles got the ring of deaths…. I switched to the PS3 and loved it. Never thought about the Xbox again really as the PS3 seemed just as good, but it didn’t die. 3 of my favourite games in the last decade were Cod zombies/multiplayer. Uncharted series, Yes 1,2 and 3 were awesome! And most recently The last of us was fantastic. Graphics, Gameplay, Characters, Voice Acting, upgrades, weapons, enemies……. And so on. I have chosen the PS4 because I preferred the home screen/dashboard on the PS3 as it looked more grown-up. A Mature look than the Xboxs cartoony. Also the PS plus is a huge factor with all the free games. Not sure what Xbox gold is all about nowdays but when I had it it only let you play online and download demos. But I’m sure the subscription services on both new gen consoles will now be fighting it out to be best. And for the controller I hated the Xbox 360s. Too big, heavy. chunky. My son had no chance younger to play 360 when he was younger.

    If I could have both consoles I would play them both. then sell one after 6 months. But for now with my tight budget the PS4 will be my purchase.

  10. JoeD says:

    Here is the way I see it… As someone who loves the industry and wants to be in it one day (going for a Bachelor’s of Science in Video Game Art and Design), I want to support the companies that best help move the industry forward. For me, that company is Sony (out of the two being debated over). When you compare the strategies of the two companies, it makes you think.

    Just this generation, Sony has not only released some sequels to it’s biggest titles (God of War, Ratchet and Clank, Killzone, Gran Turismo, Socom, etc.), but also let it’s exclusive developer’s make the games that they WANT to make (with their funding). Look at Uncharted, Infamous, Resistance, Heavy Rain, StarHawk, Puppeteer, LittleBigPlanet, Beyond: Two Souls, MAG, MotorStorm, The Last of Us, etc. Granted, all these games weren’t a huge financial or critical success, but they were risks that Sony made and trusted in their developers. In the case of the Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls, Sony could have easily told Naughty Dog that they wanted another Uncharted for the money and not let the developer’s see their passion fully realized, or told Quantic Dream that they wouldn’t support their next game if it wasn’t a Heavy Rain sequel. Instead, they are taking risks and breathing new life into the industry while making sure to have their old franchises make them some money to keep the flow going. Also, PlayStation Plus is one of the greatest incentives to own any product that I’ve yet encountered.

    Microsoft, on the other hand, does this tactic that I don’t support (and yes I have 360, but won’t be getting a One). They pay off a third party dev/publisher to make an exclusive deal for a game for a set period of time (look at Bioshock, Mass Effect, and more recently, TitanFall). Now, instead of everyone enjoying the full game, the owners of other systems have to wait a year to six months to get their hands on it. Instead of using that money to make great new games for our industry, they pay for timed exclusives. On top of this, their first party teams are forced with making the same stuff over and over (Bungie probably got sick of it and is probably why they separated from the company). Look at Halo, Forza, Fable (and poor Rare is stuck making all these Kinect games). I don’t really support their business tactics, and I won’t be purchasing the system.

    Nintendo is a great video games company, a little stuck in their ways, but pretty great. I like that they have a bunch of in house developers, though I would like more new IP from them on an annual or semi annual basis. I bought a Wii U when they announced the Windwaker bundle.

    When it comes down to it, I support the company that I want to see in the industry. When the Steam Box comes out, I’ll probably get one. As for the Xbox One and PS4, I have no question that Sony has done a great job in providing quality entertainment over the last generation of games, which I am sure will continue this time around. Also, if you get a PS4, you’ll have a friend right here (especially since I can have up to 2,000 now).

    • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

      Thanks a lot for your comment. You raise some really good points there. I was thinking not too long ago that not many companies are taking risks with their games, rather just sticking to what they know will sell. With Naughty Dog, you are pretty much certain they will release something that is top quality….as they are most probably the most consistent developer at bringing out top quality games this gen.

      I also agree with you in regards to Rare. In fact….I might even do an article on this very subject (thanks to you if I do). They went from making legendary games like Donkey Kong Country, Perfect Dark and Killer Instinct to all of these Kinect games. I don’t think they are bad games, I played the new Kinect Sports Rivals at Eurogamer and I really enjoyed it, but a company like Rare should be making other stuff. If they were given the freedom to make what they want, they would have cropped up a few more high quality games, i am certain of that.

      As for investing in the future of gaming. I quite like the idea of what Microsoft is going for with the Kinect. They ain’t giving up on the device and fully believe it is capable of doing a lot more than what it did this gen. I also like the idea they are shipping all consoles with one, as this way all those who had reservervations to using the Kinect on the 360 will now know that everyone with an Xbox One will also have a Kinect 2.0. I think this will lead to a lot more companies utilising it in a way we never saw on the 360. Also, Indie Developers have access to using the Kinect as well, so you just know someone is going to come up with a really unique game.

      Also continuing to talk about investing in the future of gaming, i’d say Nintendo are the company to back for that one, more so than Sony. They are the company that are taking the biggest risks. They always come out with unique gameplay experiences. I mean who else would have come out with something like the Wii Mote? Sony or Microsoft wouldn’t have done that. Fair enough the Wii was aimed at ‘casual’ gamers. But I wonder how many more people are now playing games thanks to that console. they took another risk with the Wii U, which has obviously gone against them. However, I think they will recover enough for them to carry on with it. Although, they should bring our a new IP. Shock the world like they did with Super Smash Bros…they need a new type of game like that.

      • JoeD says:

        I do agree with you about Nintendo being a bigger innovator, though I limit that to their hardware. Instead of just boasting more computational ability, they try and bring out new physical experience. I think Sony is better at bringing out fresh new IP though and innovating in that sense, especially this last generation, which is why I would suggest a PS4/Wii U combo. I don’t think that combo can be beat to be honest. I think Microsoft’s best innovation in the industry comes from their online console structure, which Sony seems to be doing a good job of picking up on and even surpassing in some ways. Also, both of these consoles will have highly rated games for both adults, kids, and in between so your child can enjoy it one day too. Games like LittleBigPlanet and Mario are something everyone can love and play together, and they are both extremely high rated games exclusive to each platform.

    • Darrius says:

      I agree with this sentiment and I would add that Microsoft habit of doing this even holds back the experience that I get out of their machine.

      When Microsoft pays for a timed exclusive, the developers KNOWS that the game they are about to make has a very good chance of being PORTED TO SONY’S CONSOLE once the time is up. Common sense would tell you that those developers hold back a bit in their optimization of the game for the Xbox. Any reasonable person would because they don’t want to make life harder for themselves a year later. The result is that the Xbox users less of a game than what they could have gotten for the same money.

      If MS had instead spent that money on a FIRST-PARTY studio game, then that studio would know that they game they are making would NEVER BE PORTED. That would free the developers to make optimizations that would make the game very difficult to port. In turn that would make for a better experience for the Xbox user because the game could fully utilize all the Xbox hardware.

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