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Published 15 November, 2013 | by Sam Hewitt


Top 5 things I loved about this gen

My latest article for the website was entitled ‘The top 5 things I disliked about this gen,’ so it was just natural to come up with this as a follow up. 

I know the next-gen started today in America, but seeing as I am from England….next-gen hasn’t started for us yet.

This generation of gaming has seen innovation like it has never seen it before: from the completely unique and brilliant Wii console all the way up Microsoft’s controversial love device — Kinect. It has been an action packed generation and picking 5 top points was no easy feat. This article only concentrates on the trio consoles of the gen: Playstation 3, Wii and Xbox 360.

#5 – E3 conferences

Throughout this entire generation, some of the most astonishing and embarrassing moments have come from E3. Even when the conferences were bad, they were good…just like a terrible film that makes you laugh throughout due to its pathetic acting and storytelling.

#4 – Playstation Plus

Even though I have never even owned a Playstation 3, when I heard about the amount of benefits you get when joining Playstation plus, I was gob-smacked. You get tons of free top quality and fairly recent games, as well special offers on other games.

Microsoft have started providing the same sort of service for Xbox Live Gold members, but the quality of the free games are no where near as good.

#3 – The Nintendo Wii

When I saw the Wiimote for the first ever time, I thought to myself: “how exactly is this going to work?” I was mystified and extremely excited. The Wii is as innovative as it can get. Nintendo took a huge risk and it paid off massively. Up till today, the Nintendo Wii has sold just over 100 million units, about 20 million more than its counterpart consoles PS3 (80 million) and Xbox 360 (79 million).


The Wii was aimed at a completely different market to the other consoles of the generation. It was catered for families, the elderly, fitness lovers and people with limited to non experience in gaming. The Wiimote made it extremely simple

Even though it was made for the ‘casual’ players, the console did have quite a few titles for the core gamer, such as Super Mario Galaxy 1/2, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Donkey Kong Country Returns, both the Zelda games and many more. At this moment in time, I have gone back to the Wii to replay some of my old games and I suddenly remembered just how much I loved the controls. for anyone to pick up and jump straight into a game, regardless of their gaming experience.

The Nintendo Wii fully deserves its place in my top 5 list.

#2 – Xbox Live and Playstation Network

Both Xbox Live and Playstation Network have been fantastic services for gamers. Obviously it provided us with a platform to be able to play with our friends over the net, as well as playing with strangers from the other side of the globe. This allowed us to play multi-player at any time of the day, any day of the week. There was also group chat (for the Xbox 360 anyway) which was always important for myself.

Another big thing about the two services is the how easy we have access to demos and trials to games. I know I am going to sound like an old man, but back in my day we had to pretty much judge a game by its cover and the screenshots on the back of the box. It just shows you have far gaming has come along.

#1 – Kinect

The Kinect changed gaming in a way our brains would have never imagined. When you look at the word innovation in the dictionary, it will have a little picture of the Kinect under it. It is an absolutely fantastic device and we all lov………sorry I can’t keep this up anymore. It was a load of crap! I am surprised I got this far!

The real #1 point is Playstation Home…..

#1 – Games, games and more games

Obviously the most important thing about a game console is the quality of its games. This generation delivered a lot of top quality titles of which kept me entertained for countless of hours.

But the thing that really took the biscuit for me is the games that we on Xbox Live Arcade, and Playstation’s equivalent. Some of my best games of this generation were on Xbox Live Arcade, such as Geometry Wars, ‘Splosion man and Super Meat Boy.

It has been a very exciting generation of gaming, that’s for sure. Lets just hope the PS4, Xbox One and the Wii U is as good, if not better.

What were the top things you loved about this gen? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Sam Hewitt

Sam Hewitt

Level Complete founder

Been playing games since I was big enough to pickup the controller. A proud father and the founder of Also the founder of We love you West Ham

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Sam Hewitt

Been playing games since I was big enough to pickup the controller. A proud father and the founder of Also the founder of We love you West Ham

20 Responses to Top 5 things I loved about this gen

  1. Rashid Richardson says:

    How dare you cross out the Kinect?? That device was beneficial in so many ways in one. It brings tons of fun as well as for good exercising. Dance Central is my main game and the innovation of control was extraordinary as you didn’t have to push any buttons, which allowed you to use the sensors that read your movements

    • DemonicDemon says:

      if kinect is actually a good way to get lazy people moving how can you have yet to lose weight from it?

    • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

      The Kinect itself was a fantastic idea. But in practice, it didn’t work. It was hyped up by Microsoft as if it was the second coming and the only good games that came to it was the Dance Central and Just Dance series. But if you ain’t a fitness lover or a dancer…what did the Kinect provide to gamers that wanted something different, but worked at the same time?

      • Rashid Richardson says:

        Hopefully with that it will change people who ain’t into fitness or a dancer a chance to do something different like the Wii did in changing family’s perspective in gaming. There’s also Kinect Sports, which had me sweating buckets. At the end of the day the kinect has failed in terms of attracting gamers but it does however brings the new light to Graphic Designers or Visual Editor whatever they’re called

        • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

          You stated the issue in this comment “the Kinect has failed in terms of attracting gamers.” Level Complete is a gaming website, not a gadget website :p

          • Rashid Richardson says:

            Excuse me Fury but these gadgets are relevant since you want to bring up consoles and the controllers do count as 1 one them. Sony has one of the worst gadgets they ever made (most that has not been released) and became the biggest laughing stock; only Nintendo has somehow pulled it off.

          • Rashid Richardson says:

            I need Phoenix Wright OST for this

          • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

            I don’t think you are getting my point. The Kinect was a failure for the Xbox 360. Microsoft advertised it like it was going to be the ‘new controller.’ There were so many lies about what it could do and whatnot. As I said above, it is a fantastic idea, but it just did not work in practice…. in the sense of gaming. You can count on 1 hand the amount of games that were worthwhile for the kinect if you take away all the fitness/dancing games. I got one for my son, and get got bored of it because it kept losing track of him and one game struggled to pick up his movements.

            If you went around and asked how many people still use their Kinect, the amount of people that say “I do” would be really low.

            Maybe the Xbox One’s Kinect will do a lot better because developers might actually make games for it. Or maybe it won’t, time will tell.

          • Rashid Richardson says:

            That statement I could not agree more, I guess it’s just me being a big fan of it that generated this debate not thinking that everyone will feel the same. But oh well, nice review. Peace

          • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

            I respect you are a fan of it because it has Dance Central and whatnot. But you are part of an extreme minority. We need to look at things as a whole. I think Dance Central showed that the Kinect was capable of something, but developers did not want to spend loads of money on a game that was solely made for a peripheral that is being used mostly as a dust collector.

            I think the reason Dance Central worked so well was because it didn’t have to pick up subtle movements. My son once danced to a song on Dance Central and all he did was go mental, and he still managed to get 4 stars.

            The Kinect 2.0 worked fairly well when I tried it at Eurogamer, albeit it struggling to pick up my stomping my leg to activate a boost on Kinect Sports Rivals. It is able to pick up more precise movements, and developers will know that every single Xbox One that is sold, the user will also have a Kinect. So maybe developers will utilise it more…..I am especially looking forward to seeing what the Indie Developers come up with.

          • Rashid Richardson says:

            I admit they do have some faults that did annoy me but to me it didn’t really matter much. I’m gonna wait another 2 or 3 years until I buy a new console cos right now I’m happy with what I got.

          • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:


            How many of these things actually happened?

          • Rashid Richardson says:

            I admit when I first saw it I was amazed but now through out the clip I was laughing at it. I can honestly say the last clip actually happened otherwise the rest was a joke.

          • SamHewitt SamHewitt says:

            The last clip worked, but not like they showed in that. To actually scroll left or right, you need to replicate trying to slap someone around the face with venom; not the little movements she does.

      • Rashid Richardson says:

        Bloody hell it’s hard doing this on my phone as I once again accidently clicked post; as I was saying

        …to create 3D model and use it as a cheaper option to other devices. So in the end I could see what you’re saying. In terms of fitness and “dancing”, look what DDR has done, maybe Microsoft thought they could bring in something similar, which worked for me but not many.

  2. Rashid Richardson says:

    …and able to voice out your commands. Kinect is a new way of getting gamers of their lazy a$$ sofas and get jiggy with it. So Kinect should be in the top 5 and I’m very disappointed with your comments Rexfury!! GET KINECT PEOPLE!

  3. gamer Ned says:

    PS3 best console EVER!

  4. Jon Hewitt says:

    My top things about this gen is –
    Playing online
    Demos and movies available to download
    Free games on PS plus
    Streaming HD films from my PC to ps3
    Web browser
    Netflix, love film, bbc iPlayer. Etc….
    Wireless internet
    Bigger better looking games.
    Price of games seem to be getting slightly cheaper. Most 1 month old games are less than £30.

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